The 13th Artpresents Murmuration, Dance, 1h15, From Tuesday 11 April to Saturday 8 July 2023.

What is the use of talking about "Murmuration", one could say, since this dance already fills our announcements and our ceremonies like a masterpiece heard. But it is necessary, it is necessary to speak about it, infinitely, because Sadeck Berrabah only begins to write us in his danced language, a language of the bodies which we ignored. This simple and magical discovery of the "geometric man", who knew how to use the crowd of bodies in a row to make unsuspected beauties emerge, his multitudes of arms that trace in the light their tight movement like a great animated body. Thousands of bodies in a row are always associated with the sinister step of armies, showing what a great martial body can do and how it threatens you when they are armed in a whole that the hand of one puts in action. But the birds have no leader, they settle on each other to form a whole. Seizing the power of this One, in a burst of surprise, Sadeck Berrabah borrows it there. He evokes the flight of the birds which is called "murmuration", this English word so beautiful that it makes hear the crumpling of the thousands of wings which suddenly form in single body when they fly in the sky. They write their One made of thousands of flying, dancing units, benevolent squadrons, attentive patrols, ballet that we did not suspect possible where bodies do not speak. Our stunned eyes watch them teach us that we know nothing of what moves these flying animals in this skillful form, in this perfect design, in a charming army, they overwhelm us. The ballet called Murmuration learns from them, truly, it shows us what one sometimes achieve even if one don't speak, what one build in a sky where no god lives, what one make of the unity that carries thousands, this ephemeral work that seems stolen from the gods. It unfolds more than one hour during, in the XIIIth art, in Paris, this magic of the writing of these innumerable arms in square, which end in the undulation of the hands like wings, in circumflex accent, in comma, in dotted line, then these garlands which twirl, these whirlwinds which draw simply, absolutely, these bodies dressed of black which form simple letters their arms assembled one by one in the light. One for all, all for one, really, absolutely, that's all we see. Bravo to them, these dancers of light, bravo to the musician who makes them resonate, and to him, Sadeck, who gives birth to this unheard-of language.