Berlin, évolution des conceptions sexuelles

  • Conférence de Gisèle Chaboudez avec André Michels
  • Berlin, 12 mai 2023

A curious fracture was formed about sexual conceptions between the ideas at work in the heart of societies and what psychoanalysis of the last century has articulated. The all-Freudian phallic logic has been rectified by the Lacanian elaboration, still partly undeciphered, which carries a significantly new conceptual set. An increasingly lively debate has seen discourses of militant impact oppose in terms of " all " to logics described in terms of " not-all ". And in doing so, they have paradoxically made them heard in the world more than psychoanalysis had done, but alongside. It is interesting to situate the gap in relation to the main concepts at work because they clarify each other.

Programm Psychoanalytisches Kolleg, Berlin